SOS children’s villages are working all over the world for orphan and homeless children. These villages are also working in Pakistan’s main cities. Often I help SOS children’s village Jamshoro. There are 40 children in total out of them are seven girls.

My American friend Colleen S Moore sent some fabric pieces to me. I planned to make quilts for those girls.

10530654_4337212405738_1462819630190917699_o 10547760_4337213045754_5522015599995110628_o

When they got the quilts they felt very excited and happy.


10655218_659240140840815_219838759584168110_o 1795232_659240014174161_6267888472293391018_o

1924918_789637701103574_742477566103900056_n 1522738_659240104174152_5284733248762758154_o

We can help and make people feel happy with our skills. Now these days I am planning one more project for all 40 children.



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