Rilhi is a main part of our bedding in SINDH. Its some thing like quilt. We use them for spreading or wearing.It can be patch worked or appliqued. Both types are very common here (in SINDH). We use old and useless  but soft clothes for stuffing.these are hand quilted.

I am making Rilhis  from my childhood. I have donated many Rilhis  to flood, fire and earth quake victims. At this time I have a good collection of Rilhis that I made and enjoyed in past 25 years. I am proud of it 🙂

here is a small part of my collection.

304553_1478567341398_3775102_n 305081_1498000147206_1444009792_n - Copy (2) 292031_1497998627168_1756750971_n - Copy (2) 305011_1497999067179_623017999_n - Copy (2) 304346_1497998307160_2041921947_n - Copy (2) 300269_1497981226733_841506348_n - Copy (2) 554520_1497980626718_1945041017_n - Copy (2) 309388_1497979626693_476956785_n - Copy (2) 528703_1497978546666_1901516255_n - Copy 298382_1497977866649_324000293_n 309480_1497977386637_169860364_n 320209_1497977226633_583436518_n 308003_1497977026628_1516874460_n 303921_1497976306610_1020924544_n 319917_1478725425350_7379978_n 294646_1478724705332_3812852_n 308736_1478724305322_6566111_n 312661_1478724065316_7306608_n 301637_1478722785284_5786014_n 294180_1478568021415_7348503_n


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