I always want to see smile on poor and needy children’s faces. To see the smile on their faces I always distribute gifts among them, on Eid, Dewali and Christmas. Even during travelling on high ways I keep money envelops and goodie bags with me.

I feel my self relax and happy after see them smile 🙂

My goodie bags contains toys, biscuits, sweets, chocolates, jewllery , watches and stationary. I collect this stuff from my family, friends and from my dear students. I always motivate my students to do so.

Here are some photos of Different events and different years.

883177_600903979976948_333745190_o 1410732_600264473374232_891199505_o 1292869_590584627675550_1783186756_o 1417537_622745694459443_898562397_o 858662_629927710407908_1867781322_o 1491455_629928827074463_70575456_o 10511563_776436989090312_4865529443301076033_o 10712627_776431805757497_4769755690021765545_o 10497279_817841144949896_6385407449071807480_o 1962099_817810041619673_6203889418051478751_o 1898701_817808794953131_3984178520278846532_o


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