SOS children’s village Jamshoro, SINDH, is working from last two years. Many times I visited there. There are 40 children, I adopted them all. I am trying to help them.

I have arranged gifts, clothes, food, books, stationary and many other things for them with the help of my family, friends and students. I feel like they are my own children. I love them all ❤

Here are some photos of my visits at different times.10269129_738968369503841_3288095430484658337_o 10499491_738967472837264_4198062173496163903_o 10498064_738965619504116_1409625575492329200_o 10547308_738964439504234_503834506224762971_o 1898857_775305742536770_2454375039169051578_o 1598551_775300345870643_8062619903851200665_o 883446_775259472541397_5778787672328687779_o 10407702_789639621103382_7044439890526789341_n 10355586_801536889913655_1733236379005043812_o 10553735_801536609913683_4510210401864464389_o 10750331_801540293246648_340636385418534308_o


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