Hosted a special exhibition and sale of cushions for an event in Isra university, Hyderabad SINDH, on the 13th and 14th of February 2013.

I made all these cushions and enjoyed đŸ™‚ Here are some photos of those cushions.

551404_370419893056176_1533554588_n - Copy 551404_370419889722843_454086771_n - Copy 819333_367110056720493_1330794279_o - Copy 812733_367109256720573_429156217_o 859101_367108616720637_252693766_o 857165_367108686720630_422488747_o 823508_367107900054042_1882227710_o61782_366556496775849_1016717740_n 843040_367106520054180_1734357597_o 858079_367096473388518_1334168671_o 841109_367096176721881_832505253_o 858282_367096190055213_799410340_o 858680_367095546721944_1923941472_o 819429_367095403388625_719969296_o 67236_366557826775716_363248036_n 531464_366557300109102_46567864_n


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