It was my first try in 2009, at a local  art gallery in Hyderabad Sindh .All stuff is made by me 🙂

1798793_541238475974316_1125894682_n 1796433_541238439307653_393102238_n 1780843_541238359307661_1575970156_n 1623669_541238312640999_1007486890_n 1655837_541238295974334_939481109_n 1891008_541238279307669_2030712977_n 1798540_541238222641008_1646841461_n 1948073_541238239307673_845001710_n 1898208_541238175974346_1843387891_n 1656096_541238159307681_1228666801_n 1911743_541238162641014_1286117095_n 1012090_541238072641023_916160008_n 1959653_541238042641026_1404306114_n 1796656_541238045974359_1441918731_n 1911740_541237992641031_1334659069_n 1899956_541237982641032_1472238964_n 1901168_541237959307701_51581931_n 1939700_541237939307703_298995730_n 1898100_541237925974371_301063308_n 1011238_541237875974376_752454567_n 1966722_541237862641044_1657880675_n


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