I made these cards for the Christmas exhibition at my school, with other stuff.

All cards are hand made by me 🙂

10682163_679148002183362_1609218397160724086_o 10845660_679150132183149_4256861645425345054_o 10648839_679150025516493_1476954083498873196_o 10827990_679149968849832_8203299418332514012_o 10818438_679149852183177_2973742025405870028_o 10854859_679149662183196_3257472322404091841_o 10854500_679149615516534_1363492585189906139_o 10854224_679149475516548_2431141199725785323_o 10835426_679149458849883_6490823211204947558_o 1511452_679149375516558_3847010107727683793_o 10264023_679149305516565_1987952794230953860_o 10687339_679149182183244_3233369749867535650_o 10818511_679148545516641_8410297311556252549_o 1548079_679148472183315_7571178980066002915_o


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