My daughter is crazy about knitting. She knits since her childhood. She has knitted many beautiful scarves, shawls, blankets, gloves and many other stuff.

 The scarves in these pictures are donated by her  to SOS children.I went  there and put them on, on the kids. 🙂1401745_801535243247153_4309858274787737447_o 1899772_801536019913742_5783772396269218265_o 10687271_801535919913752_264872974452351408_o 10620306_801535733247104_5065975466936802288_o 1496391_801534516580559_5003602021756428249_o 10355586_801536889913655_1733236379005043812_o

10750331_801540293246648_340636385418534308_o 10750406_801540253246652_4909194435418285945_o 10537900_801540183246659_3734443668375940980_o 10295073_801539956580015_1453497590381438474_o 10633996_801539019913442_8481631108593461865_o 10483930_801538889913455_573882322453787159_o 10818475_801538239913520_950533770798731484_o 10682269_801538016580209_6318087231354376240_o 10682153_801537943246883_5197402089906698025_o 10604545_801537853246892_4478032613189990334_o 1491254_801537499913594_3785915937335381341_o 10431312_801537289913615_5258799318707595295_o 10557667_801537159913628_3561178294031659008_o 10470795_801536766580334_3251302997038916685_o

they were so happy at that time 🙂


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