I make greeting cards for my annual exhibitions. They are always sold. My daughter likes to cross stitch too. After completing big projects, she use remaining small pieces of fabric too. She never wastes them. She cross stitched many small motifs on them and I used them for my cards. Here are some beautiful cards for you all. 🙂

963908_3047549324967_1092486677_o 979868_3047548924957_2093951292_o 331201_1464479629214_3531750_o 341453_1464479149202_4514684_o 324101_1464478789193_1111901_o 322925_1464476829144_4128236_o 331589_1464476549137_7902179_o 326645_1464476269130_7783461_o 335681_1464475949122_5686187_o 324017_1464475669115_2472249_o 412273_305577906207042_52098133_o 287111_305577792873720_1015254846_o 257073_305577669540399_271745021_o 335332_305577542873745_1448135722_o 289688_305577456207087_1352666747_o 627330_305577369540429_820885844_o 257791_305577276207105_1426710004_o 616944_305575279540638_1718300500_o


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