Some more cards are here with different materials. I made and enjoyed a lot 🙂

1237417_463091563789008_1443564881_o 1270386_463091347122363_1535377141_o 1277590_463090977122400_2037067133_o 980948_3047549004959_839435125_o 979919_3047548484946_755681714_o 551758_2198296134168_705328285_n 391991_1564049998411_1846480139_n 340269_1464479909221_4027043_o 331037_1464478029174_7155946_o 334633_1464477549162_968695_o 333629_1464477269155_206043_o 191124_305577226207110_1606034681_o 286774_305577116207121_1585240164_o 169496_305576882873811_1835967898_o 621066_305577009540465_810172395_o 616909_305576262873873_491228457_o 329011_305575789540587_1665581697_o 280720_305575686207264_541898853_o


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