I have made many things with felt. Here are some photos of embroidered felt purses. I have used beads with embroidery. These purses were used as coin purses and cell phone covers. It was really fun when I made these purses 🙂

1273669_464298367001661_406449701_o  1272163_464298157001682_613481568_o 1275320_464297673668397_161732859_o 1266579_464297660335065_276206446_o 1243382_464297373668427_1496905109_o 1277624_464297363668428_532183555_o 1267292_464297337001764_37988324_o 1146835_464297130335118_911666826_o 1277126_464297127001785_912807006_o 1273733_464296867001811_667243341_o 1266732_464296577001840_489815333_o 1237228_464296187001879_1322920994_o 1267482_464295660335265_165216450_o 1074771_464295387001959_1342106871_o 1272143_464295123668652_1771378354_o


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