Scouts and Girl Guides troops are very active at my school ST: BONAVENTURE’S HIGH SCHOOL, I am the leader of all the troops. We collect stuff  like clothes, food, stationary and money for needy. On 22nd February we celebrated the world’s scout day at my school. Have a glimpse of that 🙂

11008498_388021418025965_5362340735743985425_o 10959978_388020454692728_4396287150040502207_o 11025259_388019811359459_5373963147178899855_o 10993470_388019974692776_847171492273120490_o 10481958_388018714692902_8253579654576664709_o 10873347_388018258026281_8001798202782114310_o 11046413_388017594693014_661070253612522013_o 10497214_388017054693068_1951688039640916126_o 10854991_388017094693064_3335265843224506294_o


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