I love to make fabric bags. I make these bags for sale in my organized exhibitions. I make different types embellishment by using different materials. People like them very much. They are always in demand. Here are photos of some of my bags, some photos are very old.

643977_318039661627533_1951590042_n 1272232_466064210158410_693732302_o 1233039_466040716827426_1783218386_o 1264845_466023476829150_1258232244_o 1172237_466021636829334_1861750328_o 1237280_466020073496157_1379323554_o 1276844_466010926830405_1003228113_o 1795652_541661972598633_1263653237_n 1622034_541661929265304_1102626245_n 1922310_541661559265341_1323015361_n 1966824_541661509265346_1740565732_n 1969226_541660649265432_949355708_n 393361_191215527643281_1575608903_n 1271699_471990542899110_618140114_o 1795872_532030050228492_535120187_o 1534739_532030000228497_332254333_o 1537458_532029970228500_1767082473_o 857849_532029960228501_307125226_o 1553138_522214691210028_724867626_o


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