some more photos are here. Our traditional work is depicted on these bags and pouches. It is called here ( in Sindh ) “TUKK” means cut work. Its a type of applique work. Its very popular here. Its common for Rillies and clothes but nowadays used for cushions, bags, purses and many other things.

10553824_607857525979077_7817984412742033445_o 10562767_607858645978965_2495192447414061415_o 10497960_607858632645633_1793335033513948667_o 10472135_607858592645637_7060050530510733456_o 10542727_607858329312330_4835854992316356162_o 10469071_607858309312332_8774537081512013032_o 10551661_607858109312352_7463101413318345451_o 10542714_607857875979042_7678426484775836347_o 10497960_607857849312378_7201204554655819963_o 10380591_607857779312385_3655428706444902719_o 10477657_607857652645731_8380311487818142051_o 616573_607857592645737_1426022285312136564_o


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