It was my second try. I worked for it five months continuously. All the stuff was made by me. This exhibition was held also in a local art gallery. Every body liked the way I displayed  the quilts. I wrapped them around the pillars in gallery.

1800483_551905431574287_795474653_n 537117_551905368240960_148889529_n 1185417_551905338240963_689914176_n 1554388_551905698240927_555847824_n 1896930_551905654907598_1135925759_n 1619209_551905634907600_2072777616_n 1896757_551905614907602_180653689_n 1514038_551905494907614_1293218689_n 1911985_551905491574281_1318607667_n

1901451_541660515932112_1476329922_n 1794826_541661502598680_818484464_n 1618684_541661125932051_509976643_n 1962770_541660595932104_1552839483_n 1011035_541661202598710_581860655_n 1656275_541661152598715_1814515961_n 1897667_541661079265389_1289851901_n 1780702_541660722598758_612920385_n


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