here are some more photos of pouches that I made. Some photos are very old so they are not clear but you can see the designs 🙂 1926226_549397661825064_741252542_o 1781235_549397605158403_801099593_o 1890420_549397581825072_1331726958_o 1888963_549397471825083_294003141_o 1912032_549397415158422_1699930655_o 1398581_549397315158432_1367187183_o 1966314_549397201825110_1983056105_o 1796771_549397211825109_652753680_o 1900332_549397115158452_255615930_o 390481_188392567925577_701661608_n 1265067_464295913668573_2061344854_o 1277586_464295390335292_356409618_o 1656153_541661955931968_1190826371_n 329741_305861382845361_290294221_o 1688784_541660839265413_1325800426_n 1743697_541660789265418_428370070_n 1780702_541660722598758_612920385_n


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