When I was a child I used to make pouches for my chalk pieces. Those pouches were hand stitched because I did not know to sew with machine at that time 🙂

Nowadays I am making different types of pouches and purses. here are some photos. Cross stitching is done by my daughter.

10497038_612226655542164_1605533067705043353_o 10505090_607856255979204_9090028331001356067_o 10531364_607856999312463_2147994078423888129_o 10499474_607856222645874_961200078741694954_o 10548319_607856095979220_809020090210230644_o 10498439_607856052645891_99480284733499131_o 10507083_607855809312582_4044698341367840313_o 10494915_607855549312608_5223681530339063573_o 10697261_633361900095306_7416036812015707325_o10369015_607858065979023_5432287917613576456_o 10505126_607857939312369_3813629462049516913_o 10428172_633362656761897_5306172920632651223_o (1) 10511600_607857342645762_2861061813850650686_o


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