I make and sale stuff in exhibitions that I arrange in my school ( where I work as a teacher) and at my home. Here are some photos of exhibition of  2012 that was held at my home 🙂


415358_307870472644452_919342962_o - Copy 271404_307869805977852_862838641_o - Copy 615555_307869572644542_1165585909_o - Copy 337428_307869289311237_274517442_o - Copy 332748_307868955977937_758172180_o - Copy 204831_307875959310570_341751200_o - Copy 271866_307875372643962_193335211_o - Copy 279512_307874505977382_2055205838_o - Copy 337342_307871869310979_753977624_o - Copy 324438_307873375977495_1776132833_o - Copy 621569_307871352644364_141890334_o - Copy 620780_307870969311069_169811666_o - Copy 201029_307870249311141_1687082998_o - Copy


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