I cross stitched these pictures in 1998. Design was taken from a magazine. When I saw this design I was very impatient to make it and when it was completed  I was soooo happy at that time. It was really fun when I stitched the details 🙂

282808_2206038167714_385544921_n 303381_2206031887557_1005336668_n 550814_2206027127438_158174851_n166063_2206027727453_1062004258_n542296_2206039207740_1003532837_n283756_2206038647726_1201305570_n600336_2206033127588_582370542_n538477_2206032727578_1223510001_n481372_2206032207565_581154180_n282246_2206031407545_1902023587_n598775_2206031007535_1811735885_n246548_2206030527523_1428495009_n270846_2206028327468_63309508_n283769_2206027927458_1260204438_n


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