It was a success .All the stuff was made by me. I love and always enjoy my work. Its my hobby, my profession, its my interest. I always say that ” sewing machine is my best friend” 🙂

1277041_467438496687648_858139761_o 1264814_467441503354014_1470477978_o 1264293_467441436687354_675343883_o 981953_467441393354025_506276963_o 1276546_467440890020742_1797754111_o 1266713_467440973354067_819891939_o 1264294_467440560020775_1423915167_o 1239257_467440540020777_1276723167_o 622786_467440053354159_286073151_o 1268173_467440016687496_851060918_o 1009281_467439603354204_1543831738_o 1263007_467438470020984_1648255169_o


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