These are last year exhibition’s photos. All stuff is made by me. Every year I try to make some new and different things. Last year I tried mug rugs. They were liked very much by the visitors and all were sold 🙂

10454255_612225972208899_9116798250354816880_o 10344310_612231255541704_3866263811886131379_o 10348800_612230752208421_5720577810012751187_o 10499562_612228498875313_3566150460187268101_o 10548284_612228505541979_830438696242919702_o 10463833_612228015542028_2431723457043557028_o 10372981_612227972208699_8047013368840572707_o 10484367_612227985542031_2605344592402664382_o 10520693_612227555542074_3296296168399133870_o 10498056_612227468875416_5601474864903178901_o 10575414_612227232208773_8488099968255397565_o 10475980_612227102208786_5206530442899854101_o 10471202_612226642208832_7686676176860739609_o 1270750_612226298875533_4513771120851563916_o


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