I made these diary covers. I bought simple diaries and made these covers by using fabric and felt. Laces, buttons and  beads are sewed on them. some covers are embroidered and some are appliqued also. I like to use sequin so I sewed  them too on some diary covers.

298578_311497175615115_1061557240_n 404602_311496548948511_202189592_n 150149_311494922282007_16254070_n 380000_311494805615352_2026042412_n 1273131_463707580394073_1338388340_o 1275869_463707513727413_1505662945_o 1267309_463707483727416_1515978209_o 1274191_463707247060773_428374347_o 812652_463707217060776_253730597_o 1268413_463707180394113_539508771_o 1172544_463706967060801_610252082_o 1277156_463706960394135_1409724358_o


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