I made these baby quilt sets for different people in different years. these sets contains on a quilt, bed sheet, cushion and a toy. The specialty of my quilt sets is that I make a toy matching with fabric prints that I have used for making quilts. I love my work and I am proud of it 🙂

10383864_613810065383823_3503788256898952918_o 10428247_613810038717159_3548203663860639943_o 10465446_609166965848133_2927071363813479403_o 407794_194062160691951_1291040700_n 393846_194062114025289_1310543085_n 394940_194061934025307_1155034627_n 402404_194061864025314_1054260446_n 404180_188389401259227_34693153_n 391118_188343531263814_870234186_n 389780_188343464597154_970919488_n 380140_188343414597159_1186055563_n

74800_311495958948570_1027925465_n 279316_305569706207862_582924271_o 76893_318010554963777_1045941408_n


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