Here are more photos of baby quilts that I made, these sets contains only a quilt and a cushion. I made some baby cot sets too with bumpers.

10568936_704264939671668_8660551835952548445_n 10487232_597949530303210_2683511860386932090_n 10572264_623949821036514_235781959653810133_o 10628741_623949834369846_2943993229628041060_o 10629385_623949824369847_428016364195184551_o 535994_318042801627219_414793676_n 11147101_742335432531285_7456248790159135895_o 405203_188389344592566_1248784788_n 391962_188389324592568_51397641_n 10464167_598794700218693_4110473644707474694_n 10463816_594328197332010_5690060858359032679_o 10450018_594327113998785_1791441099789860620_o 1957926_546357085462455_1752576878_o 1979289_546357068795790_259536798_o 1979952_546357055462458_350132217_o 220939_305569502874549_390677125_o


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