These quilts I made in past years. It was fun to make these. I always enjoy to make Quilts, I love the colors. Some photos are very old but you can see the designs. I must make a cushion with single bed quilt and a pair of cushions with double bed quilt.

10487325_606289232802573_1679917165661068203_n 10418483_606289229469240_8855204123318427033_n 10501742_606289209469242_7538638238425191066_n 10344854_606289166135913_3173867068895244363_n 10485239_606289129469250_5399662751534405256_n 1966792_559811290783701_1378319957_n

11080331_748488861915942_5038765389956114781_o 10518691_606289306135899_2067020526558089429_n 10488241_606289316135898_1729599127224641264_n 407795_188389211259246_975326861_nhob


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