Here are some more photos of quilts I made and sold. Some quilt sets have matching bed sheets and pillow covers too. I am lucky because people likes my quilts 🙂

10448492_606283982803098_1511563108760006480_o 10259046_606288962802600_4253570124210550802_o 423767_218516268246540_337963573_n 387938_188343284597172_297863277_n 10481698_604380232993473_3556565877538481508_n 1798957_536759229755574_551847659_o 1898866_536759189755578_832670541_o 1240576_471635662934598_1993227652_n 977424_412656042165894_2100298003_o 901474_395831333848365_894406139_o 882450_387050474726451_1711079009_o 881976_387050484726450_1853404712_o 333003_339135382851294_974183444_o 192184_339134886184677_883327052_o 209328_339134972851335_855578337_o


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